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Fused Filament FabricationPrinting Process
X:210mm, Y:210mm, Z:205mmAxis Length
1Print Colors/Extruders
20 micronPrint Resolution
30mm/s - 300mm/sPrint Speed
260° CExtruder Temp
100° CPrint Bed Temp
24VOperating Voltage
3.00mmFilament Size

Print Materials

Proprietary Filament
Auto Leveling
LCD Display
Standalone Printing
Print via WiFi
Open Source
RepRap Variant
N/AMachine Weight

About Ultimaker Original plus

From Ultimaker: Hackable without limits, our original open-source 3D printer gives you endless freedom to modify it to your heart’s content. With this DIY kit,
you’ll have the most reliable, accurate and undeniably fun 3D printer around.

Make the maker
There’s a reason why we call it Original – because you get to create your very own one-of-a-kind 3D printer. By building it yourself you learn how everything comes together so you can morph it into whatever you want. It also makes fitting upgrades and doing maintenance really easy.

Make Magazine reviewed the Ultimaker Original+ as the fastest and most accurate 3D printer out there. Who are we to disagree?

Sharp and yet so smooth
The print head is so exceptionally light, it can print at unmatched speeds whilst never losing any of its sharp 20 micron resolution. Its ingenious heated print bed not only prevents warping on your model, but is also extremely stable. And it even tackles bridging and overhangs without any fuss.

Infinite wonders
Thanks to its incredible print quality and speed, the Ultimaker Original+ is the perfect outlet for creative energy. Whatever the complexity, it faithfully recreates your vision. The proof is in the accurately printed pudding.

Build volume: 210 x 210 x 205 mm
Desktop spac: 357 x 342 x 388 mm
Print surface: Heated bed (50° - 100° C)
Supported filaments: PLA, ABS, CPE

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